Climate Gamble gets a Foreword by David MacKay!

web-cover_editedWe are very pleased and excited to announce that Prof. David MacKay wrote the foreword for our latest edition of Climate Gamble, which we will be distributing in COP21 climate negotiations in Paris (as part of our campaign).

David MacKay, for us, is a champion for evidence-based policy and fact-based energy discussion. His ground-breaking book Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air (free pdf) has been a very big inspiration to both of us, and one of key books that lead to writing Climate Gamble. He is also the Former Chief Scientific Advisor, Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK, and has numerous other distinctions as well.

So we are very, very pleased to add “Wrote a splendid foreword for Climate Gamble – Is Anti-Nuclear Activism Endangering Our Future” to his CV, if he has not yet already done so. 😉

Thank you David.


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