Press release: Thousands of Climate Gamble books to be handed out in Paris

About five thousand free copies of Climate Gamble will be handed out to negotiators and activists gathering in Paris for the COP21 climate negotiations. The authors behind this independent book phenomenon on climate gamble and its solutions, Rauli Partanen and Janne M. Korhonen, collected funds for this unprecedented print run through non-profit crowdfunding campaign. The essential facts are as follows:

  1. The book lays out the scale of climate challenge, as understood by most recent scientific studies, and the scope of solutions proposed to mitigate the dangers. Through IPCC and other studies, the book shows that mitigation plans that rely on renewable energy and energy efficiency alone are highly unlikely to succeed in time: we now need all the options, including nuclear power.
  2. The book also shows how the global anti-nuclear movement has consistently twisted and misrepresented the facts and even resorted to fabricated statistics as it continues its 1980-era battle against nuclear energy – despite all the evidence that the 21st century sorely needs all low-carbon energy sources possible.
  3. Non-profit crowfunding campaign collected enough money to print about 5000 books, which will be handed out free of charge to interested parties in Paris between 28th November and 12th December this year.
  4. Taken together, the independently written and published book has sold nearly 8000 copies in Finnish and English. French and Czech translations are scheduled to appear in 2016 as well.

“Our goal is to promote science and evidence-based energy and climate policy, and bring out the fact that climate change mitigation is most likely more difficult, risky and expensive if we do not use all the tools at our disposal – including nuclear power,” says Janne M. Korhonen. “The anti-nuclear argumentation is largely based on unscientific claims, cherry-picked evidence and studious aversion to fair comparison between different alternatives. We’ve researched the subject for years, and also prepared a manuscript for a more comprehensive work detailing climate mitigation options available with nuclear power. This book is scheduled to be published in Finnish in early 2016.”

According to the two authors, it is obvious that if humanity wishes to prevent dangerous climate change, it cannot be too selective about the methods required. All the feasible solutions need to be considered, and nuclear power has track record of rapid, effective emission reductions. To act otherwise and limit solutions based on outdated, mostly unscientific preferences is a foolish gamble with the climate.

“The reception we’ve had for our book in Finland and elsewhere has been extremely positive. The Finnish edition of 2000 books has been nearly sold out in little more than half a year after publishing,” notes Rauli Partanen, who earns his living as an independent non-fiction author. “The international version will see French and Czech translations soon, and negotiations are underway for a Swedish version as well. This is extremely promising, particularly considering the fact that our book is self-published.”

In Paris, the duo will be distributing the books as well as taking part in several events either as speakers or in the audience. They will also take part in filming of a documentary, network with international energy and climate researchers and activists, and try to meet up with perhaps the most famous climate researcher of the world – Dr. James Hansen. Hansen, alongside with his three colleagues, Drs. Tom Wigley, Ken Caldeira and Kerry Emanuel, will be in Paris to deliver very similar tidings as Climate Gamble: mitigating dangerous climate change will almost certainly require radical expansion of not just renewable but also nuclear energy.

Contacts and further information:

Rauli Partanen, +358 50 560 3544,

Janne M. Korhonen, +358 41 501 8481,

Twitter: @kaikenhuippu and @jmkorhonen



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